What’s it like being a pseudo-mother to roughly 30 data analysts at an IC design solutions house? Very fulfilling, apparently, especially if it’s for a place like SilVer.

Silicon Verified, Inc., better known as SilVer, offers different services for their clients including IC (integrated circuit) layout design and data analytics, which are divided into two different departments: Design & Data. 

The Design department is in charge of the semiconductor services computer chips, basically. The Data department, on the other hand, provides data analysis support to their clients overseas. 

But what’s it like working in both departments? We talked to Mae, former IC layout engineer turned Data Analyst Supervisor at SilVer, to learn more about how she’s grown in the company and what working for a startup is like. Spoiler alert: It’s not the easy, breezy, beautiful walk in the park that people want out of their jobs.


Perks of being a startup employee 

When Mae joined the company almost 3 years ago, it was a small startup with only 6 engineers, her being one of them. Coming from a project-based gig, entering another company that was still fresh out of the oven seemed like an opportunity she didn’t want to miss.

Fast forward to the present: SilVer now has two departments with around 50 employees altogether, 30 of those being in the Data department, which Mae supervises. Talk about growth and not just for the company but for her, too! 

To add onto this accomplishment, Mae explains that being a supervisor at SilVer allows her to see how much her team members are improving. Because most of them are fresh graduates, she says that she gets to define the kind of experiences they want out of their job: what they want out of future employers, what they like or dislike in an organization, etc. She also gets to develop leaders from their pool of talents, which makes the job extra rewarding.

SilVer’s growth is all likely due to how hard everyone works. Given the nature of the company, Mae mentions that a perk of working at a startup is that everyone’s efforts are counted, which means that each member of the team works hard so that the business can succeed.


Fast Talk with Mae

To get a better look at what working at SilVer might be like, Mae told us all about her experiences working there and a few fun facts about her during our quick Q&A.


If you could choose one song to describe your work day, what would it be?

When I See You Smile [by Bad English]… Kapag ‘di nakangiti mga katrabaho mo, edi wala. [laughs] 


What do you do to relax?

I go out talaga. [I go on] rides, mag-motorcycle. Sa bahay, nakakapagod diba? So kailangan kong lumabas. 


Do you have any tips for overcoming fatigue or burnout?

Siguro yung talk to someone, parang yung ginagawa natin [ngayon]. Malaking bagay ‘yun. Nagtatawanan lang kayo, kwento kwento… So talk to someone, [ride my] motorcycle, [drink] coffee. 


Are you guys hiring right now?

Yeah! We’re hiring IC layout engineers in the design department. I think we’re looking at fresh grads.


Since you said that you’re hiring, what’s one thing you look at in candidates?

Besides dun sa mga technical [requirements] syempre, yung magiging culture fit ka doon sa team kasi makikita mo naman ‘yun sa interviews. Mararamdaman mo naman ‘yun. 


WFH vs. WFN (Work From Nook)

Currently, SilVer employees have to be at the office because of a new project they’re working on but they’ve been on a semi-work from home setup during the length of the pandemic, where they come over to Nook every 2 weeks or so. But has this been good for them? 

Mae says it’s been a little difficult connecting with her workmates. Despite having the wonders of technology right at their fingertips, it’s hard to tell how everyone else is feeling when her colleagues aren’t physically with her. It’s also pretty sad that they no longer have after-work hangouts outside the office.

Still, there are benefits she and her officemates are happy about when it comes to working from home: getting to rest mid-day and being able to save on money, time, and energy. That, and the group chat never dies down because although they’re apart, the SilVer crew is still a family at heart and their great workflow comes from that relationship they continue to build with each other. 

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